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ESFIL light



ESFIL light
Light-weight surgical mesh

Material: polypropylene monofilament of 0,09 mm diameter
Colour: white and blue
Thickness: 0,38 mm
Volume porosity: 92%
Surface density: 34 g/m2

- Light-weight mesh (minimum material capacity)
- Very soft – maximum patient comfort
- Enough mechanical strength for most clinical cases
- Excellent handling properties
- No absorbable components – predictable tissue reaction
- Macroporous structure
- High bioinertness
- Resistance to infection

Open and endoscopic hernioplasty in selected cases (when classic meshes are not compulsory due to their superior strength).
Forbidden to apply in contaminated wounds & pediatric surgery.

Ethylene Oxide

Sterile surgical mesh is supplied in an individual package of 6x11, 8x12, 15x15, 30x30 cm size. Other individual sizes are produced upon our clients` request. According to the mesh size it is possible to assort special surgical suture set for the device fixation.